Definition of Self Care

So what is Self Care?  Self Care also sometimes referred to as Self Management or Shared Care does not mean "no care”.

Rather it is about putting the individual in the center and reimagining the Health and Care Sector in ways that empower and support them to take responsibility for their own health and wellness and that of their family.


A key challenge is defining Self Care as it has been described in various ways around the globe. For purposes of the Australian Self Care Alliance, a World Health Organisation (WHO) definition has been adopted.


WHO definition:


"activities individuals, families, and communities undertake with the intention of enhancing health, preventing disease, limiting illness, and restoring health. These activities are derived from knowledge and skills from the pool of both professional and lay experience. They are undertaken by lay people on their own behalf, either separately or in participative collaboration with professionals.


As the graph below shows, the majority of care today is already 'self care'.