The Self Care Alliance includes individuals and organisations from all domains of the health and care sector:  consumers, healthcare professionals and providers, researchers, educators, policy makers, public and private funders and industry.

They share a genuine commitment to the concept of Self Care and the guiding principles of the Alliance. Some choose to contribute to the work of the Alliance in implementing Self Care in Australia, some give support through cash or in-kind donations and some want to be included in news updates as well as invitations to Roundtable events and other discussion forums and events.  


There are currently over 120 organisations and individuals who have asked to be included in Self Care Alliance communications for events and news.


We ask that participants embrace the Statement of Commitment.





We would like to extend an invitation to your organisation to become involved in the Self Care Alliance and contribute to the development of the Alliance and Self Care in Australia.

If you would like to become a participant in the Self Care Alliance, be added to our communications distribution list, or require additional information please contact us at