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Australia Self Care Alliance documents:


The State of Self Care in Australia- University of Victoria - 2018

Overview Document - Self Care Alliance (May 2015)


Statement of Commitment for Supporters (June 2015)


The Proposal for an Australian Self Care Alliance (Feb 2014)



Australia's Health Tracker -New research shows prevention lacking for chronic disease (July 2016)

Australia: Events & Meetings 

Presentation University of Sydney (Feb 2016)


Presentation Self Care Telehealth Conference (Nov 2015)


Presentation Future Health Leaders Conference (Nov 2015)


Roundtable Workshop: "The Role of Technology and Innovation in Supporting Self Care
                                            in the Australian Health and Care Sector" (July 2015)



Parliamentary Event Presentation (June 2015)


Australian Telehealth Conference Presentation (April 2015)



Self Care Globally:


Common Definitions of Self Care


UK Self Care Forum (link to website)


International Self Care Foundation ( link to website)


AESGP Self Care- A Winning Solution (EU 2014)


SelfCare Journal- Advancing the Study & Understanding of Self Care (link to website)


WHO- Self Care in the Context of Primary Health Care (2009)


Chronic Disease Self-management Tools Evaluation Network (CDSMTEN)



Research and Case Studies:


GAP Task Force on Self Care- Final Report (Australia 2015)


"Having Parkinson's since I was 13 has made me an expert in self-care" (The Guardian 2015)


Patients' Role in Their Own Safety-A Systematic Review (Norway 2015)


SelfCare - Empowerment to Self Reliance The Netherlands (ECORYS 2011)


PRISMS - Practical systematic Review of Self-Management Support for long-term conditions (UK 2014)


NSW Health Dental Health Program for Expectant Mothers (NSW gov't March 2015)