Why a Self Care Alliance?

While Self Care is not the whole answer to the rise in demand and associated healthcare costs it is nevertheless a fundamental pillar of any mid to long term reform of the Health Sector. 

Implementing Self Care is beyond the capacity of Government to mandate or any single group to bring about.  It requires input and action by participants from all aspects of the Health Sector, i.e. consumers, healthcare professionals and other providers, researchers, educators, policy makers, public and private funders and industry.
Currently there is much good Self Care work already in progress, however this work is mostly done in isolation with no obvious way to collaborate across various parts of the health & care sector.


  • Is the neutral space to host conversations on the future shape of the Health and Care Sector and to pool knowledge and expertise

  • Fosters dialogue and ownership of issues and facilitates collaboration to develop policies and action to implement Self Care initiatives

  • Acts as a repository of expert advice for stakeholders, media and the wider community

The  implementation of initiatives will be lead by individual organisations; the Alliance itself will fill the role of facilitator.

Value of the Self Care Alliance



To provide a forum for all parties interested in Self Care to have a systematic debate, share knowledge and collaborate on initiatives. 

Strategic Objective

The adoption of Self Care and its implementation as a core element of a sustainable National Health and Care Sector policy for Australia.

Guiding Principles


  • Person-centered focus

  • Evidence-based solutions

  • Collaborative partnerships

  • Empowered citizens

Who should be involved?

The Self Care Alliance includes individuals and organisations from all domains of the health and care sector- consumers, healthcare professionals and providers, researchers, educators, policy makers, public and private funders and industry.

They  share a genuine commitment to the concept of Self Care, and the guiding principles of the Alliance.